Gender pay gap reports

Gender Pay Gap Report


As a people centred business, our focus on giving our people a voice and delivering on what matters to them has enabled us to develop a culture where everyone belongs. Our highlights this year have included our partnership with Women’s Work Lab, improvements to our family leave policies and the launch of our newest people networks – Meet4Menopause and Carers Network. Ensuring we have ways for our team members to connect and support one another enables us to attract and retain female team members who might otherwise struggle to remain in work. This, in turn, has a positive impact on our gender pay gap.

Gender Pay Report 2022

Gender Pay Gap Report


The challenges of the pandemic have given us new ways in which to embrace diversity in the way we attract, recruit, develop and retain our people, ensuring we value the contribution of all our team members, irrespective of gender. Our values are bodied in our people and the way in which we operate, ensuring we have an open and inclusive culture where our people feel welcome, supported and included, regardless of characteristics.

Gender pay gap report 2021

Gender Pay Gap Report


Our 2020 gender pay gap results demonstrate our approach to gender equality and highlights the positive progress that we are making in ensuring a fair and inclusive workplace that values the contribution of all our team members, irrespective of gender. Our work towards inclusivity, equality and diversity is at the forefront of our agenda to ensure we are better equipped to champion the needs of our customers, face business challenges and to develop our people.

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