Community superstars

As part of our Health and Wellbeing commitment, team members have been encouraged to support local initiatives and charities through community attachment days. Whilst the Covid- 19 outbreak has meant that we have had to become more creative in how we offer support to those who need it most, it's no surprise that our team have once again come up trumps!

The Health and Wellbeing committee are immensely pleased and proud to share the following stories of ‘Community Heroism'.


Barry's son was due to take part in a charity boxing match in March. Unfortunately, this was cancelled due to the Covid outbreak. Naturally, Barry's son was immensely disappointed at the cancellation of this event. Being the dedicated (and brave!) dad that Barry is, he decided to step in as his new opponent and make it a family occasion instead.

They live streamed the event and raised over £700!! With this money, they then decided to treat local care home staff to hampers and takeaway pizza to say thank you for all of their hard work. The acts of kindness didn't stop there as Barry and his family also provided ‘thank you' hampers to people in the local community who have been spending their time making face masks and scrubs for medical professionals as well as the staff of a local supermarket who have worked tirelessly throughout this period.

Roxy and Helen

Roxy and her partner signed up to a website to help support the vulnerable in her community. This has seen Roxy join a group of 60 people who look to complete food shops for the vulnerable as well as walking a neighbour's dog twice per week. Roxy has also been on hand for socially distanced chats with lonely neighbours.

Staying within the L&D team, Helen has ensured that her vulnerable neighbours have her contact number for anything that they may need support with. They sound like pretty perfect neighbours!


Sue was very keen to offer her support for NHS staff and what better way to do that than by turning to her passion and talent for sewing! Sue decided to make laundry bags for NHS to help with the strict uniform washing and hygiene requirements that they have faced.

Included with this was a fabric ‘thank you' tag for each one so that every recipient would realise how much their efforts were appreciated.


Ben took part in his local ‘Nailsea's Lockdown Scarecrow Trail Competition' as part of a community lockdown activity. Ben's creation was a Bumblebee expertly made out of an old box, black bin liners and some old fancy dress glasses. Bumblebee instantly grabbed the attention of a lovely little boy called Clark. Clark has battled with a heart condition since birth and undergone open heart surgery, he's been such a brave little boy, especially during lockdown when he has had to follow strict social distancing rules to protect his health. During the Scarecrow Trail, Clarke's mum made sure that every day they would go and visit Ben's Bumblebee at Clark's request. At the end of the competition Ben wrote to Clark's mum asking if Clark would like to keep the Bumblebee which meant he had a new best friend. You made a little boy very happy Ben!


As part of a local church group, Jenni has helped support production of activity packs that were sent to families that would ordinarily attend monthly church sessions. Not only did Jenni bake over 70 cookies in under 24 hrs (her husband did help himself to a few but who can blame him?!) but she also ensured that they were all delivered to the intended recipients.

Karen Stokes

Karen's mum volunteers at the local maternity hospital and often knits little hats and booties for the premature babies, something that she loves doing! With the restrictions and isolations required during this period, it has left Karen's mum feeling a little lost and down about not being able to offer her usual amazing support. To help raise spirits and a few smiles, Karen has been sending surprise parcels containing all sorts of treats, games and quizzes that help in dealing with long periods of isolation. A fantastic demonstration of being considerate and thinking of others on so many different levels!


Nicole's Mum and her best friend were going to a Zumba class three times a week before lockdown, which they were missing since lockdown began. They had an idea to set up a socially distanced Zumba in their cul-de-sac, it started off with about four of them with a stereo. More people got involved and a professional Zumba instructor has joined them free of charge to give them some relief from lockdown and keep their fitness up too! Now the entire neighbourhood is involved who meet in in the street to dance! Now this sounds like a great neighbourhood to live in.


Vikki gave her elderly neighbour her spare tablet to borrow and connected it to her WiFi so she could stay in contact with her family in lockdown! We are sure that this provided a huge boost to somebody who would otherwise have found it very difficult to stay in contact with loved ones. Such a heart warming story!


Kelzey has been running drama/dance/singing facetime sessions for a group of children on weekends so their parents get an hour to themselves. For those that have been trying to keep the little one's busy and entertained, I am sure that you will all join in your admiration for the work that Kelzey has been doing!

Becky and Durjan

Becky has taken to baking cupcakes and chocolate brownies to show her gratitude towards our NHS heroes and Durjan Hussain has been helping his elderly neighbour with some gardening…. Great work team!