Inside #TeamPelican, March 2023

Getting back together in person, celebrating Christmas, and providing outstanding customer service: my top highlights from the past quarter

The return of our Pelican Briefs


We always enjoy getting our teams together in person, both office-based and field-based, and in November we were finally able to do just that! Our first face to face Pelican Briefs in three years were a fabulous opportunity to share the amazing achievements we had in 2022, as well as share our strategy and people focused goals.

It was exciting to look to the future and touch on all the things we are passionate about, including our 'one team, one culture' ethos. I also shared some insights into the importance of customer experience (one I could definitely spend all day talking about), collections and debt recovery, and how we can all play our part in supporting vulnerable customers during ever more challenging times.

We finished by celebrating our award winners, all of whom have gone above and beyond to ensure we continue to #StandOutFromTheCrowd.


As regular readers of this blog may already have guessed, we love a celebration at Pelican Towers, and last Christmas was no different! We started December with our Christmas Party, enjoying a fab night of entertainment! Our live band were a real highlight, getting everyone up on the dancefloor and adding an extra dose of fun.

We then dusted off our best knitwear for Christmas Jumper Day, before signing off for Christmas with our annual raffle extravaganza, with over 150 prizes shared across our lucky winners! Our raffle is a huge part of our culture, with the buzz it creates across the whole office sending everyone off for Christmas in good spirits! Each year, we donate 10% of our prize money to charity to recognise what a demanding time of year it is. So we were pleased to donate over £700 to The Rainbow Trust, which was very well received.

LGBTQ+ History Month

February brought us LGBTQ+ History Month, the annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history. This year’s theme was ‘#BehindTheLens’, marking LGBTQ+ peoples’ contribution to cinema and film from behind the lens.

Like Pride (which I know our teams will be eager to support in the summer!), LGBTQ+ History Month means different things to different people. To me, this event is all about recognising the achievements of people who have fought for LGBTQ+ rights and understanding that fight, raising awareness that many hurdles have been overcome to reach the place we are today.

I am incredibly #proud of two of our people networks – our Culture, Inclusion and Diversity Network and ARC Alliance – who are working hard to educate and ensure that #TeamPelican continues to be a workplace in which #EveryoneBelongs.

Customer support

We had some great news to round off the year on the customer front. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of our Contact Centre team members, December saw our lowest average wait time of the year! For this to be achieved at one of the busiest times of the year in the run-up to Christmas is a truly incredible achievement, and one which we will all be aiming to build on over the coming year.

What’s more, in early January Pelican hit another milestone by receiving Trustpilot review number 7,000! With our overall score at ‘Excellent’, this goes a long way towards showing our customers why Pelican #StandsOutFromTheCrowd! Just the start to the year we were looking for…

That's all from me for now - follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more insights into life inside Pelican Towers before my next update.

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