January 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to my very first blog of 2020! We had an extremely exciting year at #TeamPelican and we are all ready and raring to go for what will prove to be another eventful year at 'Pelican Towers'.

One of our first tasks of each year is decide on our new People’s Council, who will be the voice of our business for the next 12 months. The council work tirelessly all year to further improve our business for our people and our customers and act as a sounding board on new initiatives, processes and improvements that the business would like to introduce.

So, without further ado, I am pleased to introduce our People’s Council of 2020.

It was an incredibly productive first meeting with the team, who brought with them fresh new ideas on how we can improve our business for our customers and our people. One of their first tasks was to vote on who will be our quarterly charities for the year ahead. Suggestions are sent in from across our business ready for the vote and I was so pleased to see so many amazing charities being put forward.

It certainly was a difficult job for the team however, I am pleased to share our 2020 quarterly charities!

  • Quarter One – Help Bristol’s Homeless
  • Quarter Two – Women’s Aid
  • Quarter Three – The Alzheimer's Society
  • Quarter Four – Help for Heroes

The team are already hard at work with plans to raise money for our quarter one charity, Help Bristol’s Homeless.

In further charity news, I was thrilled to see that the team raised an amazing £1,392 for our fourth quarterly charity of 2019, The NICU Foundation. This is absolutely incredible, and I am so grateful for the hard work put in by our team to raise this huge amount of money.

In health and wellbeing news, January marked the beginning of our new Healthy Conversation topic – Learning Differences. Our Healthy Conversation initiative was launched last year and encourages open and honest conversation around a variety of topics from body image to menopause.

I'm so proud of our team who have really supported this initiative, with some of them even sharing their own personal stories with the rest of the #TeamPelican which has sparked some great conversation and supported others who may be experiencing something similar.

As part of our new topic learning differences, we have already seen two team member blogs sharing their experiences with dyslexia and our team are hard at work reviewing our policies to make sure we are supporting those with learning differences in the best way possible.

Last month we also held the first of our newly revamped Working Parents Network.

When we launched our network last year, we wanted to provide a safe environment where working parents could discuss a range of topics from internet safety and money saving tips to achieving a perfect work life balance and mental health support. In our first meeting of 2019 we had 10 attendees, a year on we welcomed nearly 50 team members! I am really excited to see this network grow and develop over the next 12 months and learn more about how our business can provide even more support to our working parents.

This month we also held our most recent live Q&A with our senior leadership Team.


These Q&As are an opportunity for our team to ask their questions relating to anything from process changes to people initiatives. It was fantastic to see so many questions from across #TeamPelican and I look forward to doing it all again next month!