Cover Photo of Pelican staff

August was another busy month for #TeamPelican and I would like to start by sharing an update on some recent training undertaken by all of our Team Leaders and Managers across our business. I invited leaders to join me for the afternoon to discuss the menopause, which is a subject people sometimes see as #Taboo. We invited along Lauren Chiren from Women of a Certain Stage, who set up her own business to help educate employers and their team to attract and retain female talent and to coach and mentor women to maintain peak performance throughout the menopause.

Following Lauren’s extremely insightful session, we discussed as a management team what we can do to support our people in the workplace who may be experiencing symptoms themselves or have family members experiencing symptoms. I was thrilled to see our team develop lots of new ideas including the creation of a menopause pack.

It’s very important for our team to continue to work together to #BreakTheTaboo and as part of our focus on positive mental health, we make sure that we educate ourselves on how certain lifecycles or situations can impact us all.

In other news, throughout August we also saw some new additions to our ‘Flock’ with two successful graduations from our ‘Customer Service Academy’ and the launch of a third academy, beginning with our corporate induction.

Our newest graduates have now joined their teams and will receive some final department specific training, while those who attended our induction will begin their four week journey through our academy training programme. I would like to move onto a shout out for our fantastic Social Policy team, who work specifically to support our vulnerable customers and those who may be struggling with debt. This month we received an email from a customer, following an interaction with our Social Policy team:

“I just wanted to thank you for the way you have recently helped and supported me to sort out my situation, not only have you taken a huge weight off my shoulders (due to burying my head in the sand over my huge outstanding bill), but you have helped me address the situation helping me join your scheme to be free of the debt in 2 years and helped me lower my annual bill (as it turns out I am a low user). I can’t thank your staff enough for their professional yet, very friendly help and support. It’s very rare these days to feel that not only are you talking to a human being but, to also be treated as a human being (not just a number). Thank you very much and keep up the good work.”

I am very #Proud of our amazing team that go above and beyond, always putting the customer first.
Onto some community news and alongside my role of Managing Director of Pelican Business Services, I am also the founder and lead Trustee of The NICU Foundation. The NICU Foundation supports the delivery of Neonatal Care within the 12 units across the South West and we look to add three important initiatives that close the gap on the care provided by the NHS:

  1. Equipment over and above that provided by the NHS.
  2. Education and training support for the NHS teams.
  3. Fund and develop resources which can be shared locally, nationally and internationally to support parents and family members throughout their NICU journey.

Following a recent Trustee meeting, it became apparent that two parent rooms at Southmead Hospital in Bristol were in dire need of renovation. Although The NICU Foundation were more than happy to provide the funds required to renovate the rooms and provide up to date equipment, we didn’t have the man power to complete the work alone. This is where the amazing #TeamPelican stepped in with 10 of the team volunteering to use their community day to visit the hospital and help us renovate the parent rooms.

The team were amazing and within seven hours, had completely transformed both rooms. #Proud
In more community news, several members of the team also took advantage of their community day by volunteering at Secret World Animal Rescue. The team said it was a rewarding day as they cleared out one of the old barns. They did manage to sneak a little visit to a couple of the residents, in particular a three-day old hedgehog, a turkey trained to sit and Polly the deer who enjoyed the leftover apple cores for her lunch and being in selfies!

Finally, this month, a big shout out to all of the team that took part in Tough Mudder!

Even when they are covered in mud and clearly exhausted, I think they all look fabulous!