Cover Photo of Pelican staff

Well here we are, the start of another new year and I am pleased to report that our 2018 gender pay gap results have now been published! I am extremely proud to share that our mean gender pay gap has improved to 2.40%, compared to 3.83% in 2017. This really demonstrates the value #TeamPelican place on diversity and developing potential, regardless of gender. You can read the full report, by visiting our website – 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report

In other news, I was pleased to hear that since launching our sustainable bamboo travel mugs to every team member in November, we have saved over 24,000 plastic cups from being disposed of. This is a fantastic achievement and a big step towards our sustainability goals! #Proud

One of my favourite emails each month is the feedback received from customers who have used our live chat service. This month we received the great news that our average answer time was all of 15 seconds, which along with the lovely feedback we receive is such a wonderful achievement for our team. I have picked out a few of my favourite comments that I would like to share with you:

Vanessa – Problem was dealt with promptly and nothing was too much trouble

Devanne – Well trained staff, makes a change for a company to do this well

Jennie – Jennie was so informative and helpful. It makes all the difference when people explain things to you in a clear and simple way when going through these stressful situations when moving to a new house

Jennifer – Fantastic service from your member of staff.  If only every Company was as helpful. Thank you.

This is just a small sample of the hundreds of wonderful comments we receive every month so a big shout out to our expert Live Chat Team!

This month we also held our very first People’s Council meeting of 2019! Our People’s Council is an opportunity to discuss exciting new plans for the year ahead and share some ‘hot off the press’ business updates. I would like to introduce you, to our #Classof2019

Class of 2019

An important part and one of the first jobs for our People’s Council, is to vote on our four quarterly charities for the upcoming year. All team members get the opportunity to submit charities that they would like to put forward for the vote and I am pleased to share our official 2019 quarterly charities!

I know everyone is looking forward to start raising money for these fantastic charities and I’m excited to keep you updated on our progress 🙂

Every January we re-launch our extremely popular Health and Wellbeing charter and this year, we welcome a brand-new committee!

Pelican Committee

The team have already been working hard, along with our Health and Wellbeing champions from across the business, to develop a full 12-month calendar of events focussing on four key areas:

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental health
  3. Community
  4. FUNdraising

We have committed to empowering our people to lead a healthy lifestyle by equipping them with knowledge about nutrition and exercise as well as promoting understanding of the potential causes, symptoms and effects of psychological and physical conditions. We will also be working hard to support the community that we serve and having a bit of fun along the way by raising money for some amazing local and national charities.

This month the team organised our first ever High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session ran by experts from across the business.


The team were certainly put through their paces however, it was great to see them all still taking the stairs over the lift the next day! The team are already working hard on organising future sessions and I look forward to seeing the attendees grow and grow!

As part of our Health and Wellbeing commitments, the committee will also be sharing their ‘Volunteering Opportunity of the Month’ giving our team the knowledge and resources to utilise their community involvement day. This gives every member of #TeamPelican the chance to take one days paid leave every year, to volunteer for a charity or cause that it close to their hearts.